“Through love serve one another.” Galatians 5:13

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Celebrating 4,822 Years of Service!

Jessica Hudson, Chief Financial Officer

This fall, we proudly recognize 170 team members from across the Stonerise Network as part of the 2021 20-Year Club Program. The program recognizes team members each year with more than 20 years of service. This year’s honorees represent 4,822 years of service among them! More than 50 of them have served more than 30 years, and nine of them have served more than 40 years.

Here at Stonerise, no matter the role, we are all caregivers. These 170 caregivers on our team have demonstrated an incredible longstanding commitment to their patients and by extension, their local communities.

This is the largest number of 20-Year Club Program honorees we have had in Stonerise’s history with 16 additional team members joining the “club” since last year. Three of our transitional and skilled nursing centers make up the largest amount of honorees, respectively: Stonerise Beckley, Stonerise Keyser and Stonerise Kingwood.

20 years service

As one of Stonerise’s first hired team members, I am incredibly humbled by all the men and women who have stayed with us all these years. They are the heart of what we do, and we could not do it without them. When I look back on this pandemic, I will never forget all the team members who served with love, compassion, patience, determination and courage during such a historic period in patient care, and for the world. They are forever part of history as healthcare heroes. Here is a picture of one of these heroes: Donna, one of our incredible cooks who’s been at Stonerise Rainelle since 1990.

Since established in 2011, Stonerise’s 20-Year Club Program has helped us celebrate years of service and career progression for all our team members across Stonerise Network locations and service lines. Every year, we celebrate team members who have been with their care team for 20 or more years. Since some locations have joined the Stonerise family through acquisition, we recognize all the years of service team members have earned before joining us.

Congratulations to all this year’s honorees and thank you for all you do to serve one another and our patients with love.

Melissa A. – C.N.A. Pamela Mae A. – C.N.A. Ida Joyce B. – C.N.A.
Brenda Jo B. – Laundry Becky B. – C.N.A. Edith B. – C.N.A.
Annette Marie B. – Medical Records Clerk Phyllis Marie B. – C.N.A. Florence Lorena B. – Laundry
Tammy B. – Medical Records Director Pamela B. – Medical Records Director Deborah B. – Dietary Aide
Shelia M. B. – LPN Sherrie Jean B. – Administrative Assistant Rosemary B. – Laundry
Leroy Edman B. – Receptionist Allyson Dawn B. – C.N.A. Felicia B. – C.N.A.
Kimberly Lee B. – Laundry Sheila B. – Billing Specialist Rodney Fitzgerald C. – C.N.A.
Tammy S. C. – Housekeeping Supervisor Anthony Michael C. – Maintenance Director Patricia Louise C. – Restorative C.N.A
Rebecca C. – Housekeeping Kimberly Ann C. – Restorative C.N.A Regina C. – C.N.A.
Melissa C. – C.N.A. Leeanne Marie C. – Laundry Mamie Marie C. – Housekeeping
Betty C. – C.N.A. Roberta C. – Cook Avella Marlene C. – Asst Food Service Dir
Virginia Lynn C. – Nursing Scheduler Tammy Lou C. – RN MDS Coordinator Karen Sue C. – Medical Records Clerk
Glenna Gail C. – Activity Aide Barbara J. C. – Restorative C.N.A. Shelly Jean D. – Receptionist
Laura Kay D. – C.N.A. Melissa D. – C.N.A. Melissa D. – Laundry
James Clark D. – C.N.A. Wanda Sue D. – Medical Records Clerk Terry L. D. – Cook
Elizabeth Ann D. – C.N.A. Michelle Marie D. – C.N.A. Vickie E. – C.N.A.
Amanda Ann E. – C.N.A. Joseph W E. – Dietary Aide Michael L E. – COTA
Tracy F. – C.N.A. Sara Beth F. – Activity Aide Sandra F. – Maintenance Director
Karen F. – C.N.A. Marian Louvena F. – Accounts Payable Anna L. F. – Laundry
Amanda G. – C.N.A. Delanda Sha G. – BOM Cheryl Lynn G. – RN MDS Coordinator
Kimberlea J G. – C.N.A. Susan Gail G. – C.N.A. Vonda Kay H. – Housekeeping
Melinda H. – Activity Aide Paulette H. – C.N.A. Vickie L H. – Laundry
Tresa J H. – Restorative C.N.A. Lester Stewart H. – Dietary Aide Diane Lynn H. – C.N.A.
Cynthia H. – Central Supply Diana H. – C.N.A. Karen D. H. – Activity Aide
Marvin Dale H. – Maintenance Director Charles H. – Housekeeping Jessica H. – Chief Financial Officer
Cheryl Ann J. – Housekeeping Beth J. – C.N.A. Darlene Evone J. – C.N.A.
Dorothy Ann J. – Laundry Angelina Luann J. – Medical Records Director Jeanette Carrie J. – C.N.A.
Sherrie Kay J. – C.N.A. Deborah J. – DON Nancy Jo K. – Housekeeping Supervisor
Evelyn Louise K. – LPN Vickie Sue K. – C.N.A. Craig William K. – Housekeeping
Della Beth K. – Housekeeping Bobbie K. – Housekeeping Sherry Lynn L. – Payroll
Melody L. – Van Driver/Pt Appt Coor Vickie K. L. – Dining Service Assistant Cindy Lou L. – Housekeeping
Shawna Kay L. – C.N.A. Vicki L. – C.N.A. Connie L. – Laundry
Christine M. – Activity Director Beate Ursel Rosa M. – C.N.A. Linnie Elizabeth M. – Housekeeping
Nancy M. – CEO/Administrator Shelly Renee M. – LPN Rhonda E M. – Housekeeping
Harry J. M. – Maintenance Director Virginia M. – Activity Director Tina Marie M. – LPN
Evelyn Elaine M. – Housekeeping Tamela M. – PTA Carrie Marie M. – C.N.A.
Ronald Leroy M. – Housekeeping Bonnie Lou M. – Central Supply Darlene N. – Housekeeping
Donna Lou O. – Cook Frances E O. – Laundry Tammy P. – C.N.A.
Ludie P. – LPN Joyce Jean P. – Housekeeping Cynthia P. – LPN MDS Coordinator
Diana P. – Housekeeping Sherry P. – LPN Michele Mariann P. – C.N.A.
Kerry Ann R. – Admissions Director Bobbi Jo R. – LPN Karen F R. – Dietary Aide
Tamra R. – Laundry Stacey R. – C.N.A. Ruby Ann R. – Housekeeping
Brenda Jean R. – Dietary Aide Penny R. – Laundry Renee Hope R. – Housekeeping
Judith Diane R. – LPN MDS Coordinator Wilma Lee S. – Dietary Aide Connie Sue S. – AL LPN
Belinda Rae S. – LPN MDS Coordinator Pennie S. – Activity Aide Judy S. – Laundry
Alice Renee S. – AL LPN Leticia Gonzales S. – Housekeeping Barbara Jane S. – Laundry
Debra Ann S. – Housekeeping Shirley S. – Dietary Aide Donna Elaine S. – Medical Records Clerk
Sandra Lynn S. – LPN Cindy Kay S. – C.N.A. Johnna S. – LPN
Thelma Alice S. – C.N.A. Jacqueline Rae S. – Central Supply Karen S. – Restorative C.N.A.
Danny S. – COTA Penny C T. – Laundry Tim T. – Property Manager
Deborah M T. – C.N.A. Mary Anne T. – RN MDS Coordinator Deborah Denise T. – Restorative C.N.A
Vicky U. – OT Tanya V. – Restorative C.N.A. Dellie Rosecenna W. – C.N.A.
Evelyn Marie W. – C.N.A. Janet W. – C.N.A. Sherri W. – Restorative LPN
Kimberley W. – Laundry Angela Christine W. – Housekeeping Patricia W. – Housekeeping
Dennis Olando W. – Central Supply Mildred W. – Laundry Polly Ann W. – Memory Care Coordinator
Katrina Faye W. – Housekeeping Joy W. – Restorative LPN Deborah Ann W. – Housekeeping
Pamela Darlene W. – Laundry Elizabeth Ann Z. – Van Driver/Pt Appt Coor