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A Patient Success Story: Meet Pat

By Stonerise Healthcare

Two thousand nineteen was a challenging year for Pat. In April 2019, her 40-year companion, Corky passed away. Following his passing, Pat continued to live in the house they had shared and took pride in living independently in Fayette County, WV. Unfortunately, she was also struggling with several health issues and was dependent on oxygen and insulin. In March Pat experienced her first of three falls while living at home. She lost movement in her arm, had trouble walking and became almost completely immobile. Family members had to move into Pat’s house to care for her and feared they may have to move her out of the home where she had lived for 40 years. At the recommendation of her physician, Pat and her family engaged the services of Stonerise at Home to provide physical therapy, occupational therapy and nursing services with a goal of restoring Pat’s health so she could continue to live independently.

Receiving care in the comfort and safety of her home was critically important for Pat. She had endured so many life-altering events and the thought of moving out of her lifelong home was more than she could bear.

Stonerise at Home clinicians initially visited with Pat and her family to outline an individualized care plan with an ultimate goal of getting Pat back to her routine as quickly as possible. Team members also worked closely with Pat’s physician to understand all of her health care needs. Pat received regular visits from a physical therapist, occupational therapist and nurse over a 3-month time period.

Pat recalls receiving caring and compassionate care and was most appreciative that in addition to therapy, her team of clinicians took extra time to visit and get to know her. She had been lonely in the months following Corky’s passing and found companionship in the caregivers she was seeing each week.

After three months of therapy, Pat was able to regain her independence and was actually healthier than she was before her falls. Her need for oxygen and insulin was eliminated and she lost weight because her increased mobility allowed her to walk and exercise. Most importantly, Pat was able to return to doing the things she loves like gardening, cooking and dancing!

Pat’s success story is not unlike many of our Stonerise at Home patients. With a little help, our in-home clinicians can get you back to health and back to your life!

Watch Pat’s story: