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In Stonerise Heroes, Transitional Care, Working at Stonerise | Posted November 30, 2020

A Tribute to Skilled Nursing Center Team Members and Patients

By Mary Ferrell, Vice President of Operations. Mary has been with Stonerise since 2015.
Anyone who has served as a loved one’s caregiver knows the true difficulty of that journey — the helplessness, the exhaustion and the frustration. For those of us who have been the patient, those emotions can feel very much the same. During the pandemic, as we all feel more and more isolated from family, friends […]
In Transitional Care | Posted November 5, 2020

When is Home Health Care the right option?

By Amy Daniel CEO of Home Health Care & Hospice for Stonerise Healthcare
Healthcare decisions often are stressful, full of emotion and anxiety, and the many options available also can make it overwhelming. Considering home health and choosing a home health agency are important decisions, just like choosing any healthcare provider. This decision should ultimately provide comfort, safety and, most importantly, all necessary care.   Home health care […]
In Transitional Care | Posted September 30, 2020

What Is Transitional Care?

By David H. Gardner, Chief Development Officer Stonerise Healthcare
What is “transitional care”? I’ve been writing about “transitional care” since 2014 and to be honest, the answer varies widely based on who you ask. One formal answer is “transitional care is defined as a broad range of time-limited services designed to ensure health care continuity, avoid preventable poor outcomes among at-risk populations, and promote […]
In Transitional Care | Posted September 10, 2020

6 Myths About Home Health Care

By Amy Daniel CEO of Home Health Care & Hospice for Stonerise Healthcare
People are more comfortable when at home. At home, we can be ourselves and be independent. It’s “where the heart is.” That is certainly true for me. Healthcare consumers are demanding more convenience, more options and more catered solutions for their unique needs. Telemedicine and home health options are gaining popularity as consumers become familiar […]
In Transitional Care | Posted August 20, 2020

Why Stonerise Exists: Our Journey to Today

By Larry Pack, CEO Stonerise Healthcare
My partner, Steve White, and I set out to do things differently when we started Stonerise. We both had experience in skilled nursing, and other businesses. It became clear to us how complicated and frustrating and fragmented healthcare was. We wanted to rethink how to play a greater, more responsible and loving role in an […]