“Through love serve one another.” Galatians 5:13

Stonerise Care Blog

Cheers to (at least) 20 years of service!

Jessica Hudson, Chief Financial Officer

Our team members are our heartbeat. We are all here to take care of our patients; however, that starts with taking care of our team members and our communities. That is an incredible responsibility, and one that we don’t take lightly here at Stonerise. One way Stonerise takes care of team members is through our annual 20-Year Club Program.

Since established in 2011, the program has helped us celebrate years of service and career progression for all our team members across Stonerise Network locations and service lines. Every year, we celebrate team members who have been with their care team for 20 or more years. Since some locations have joined the Stonerise family through acquisition, we recognize all the years of service team members have earned before joining us.

Last month, we proudly recognized 156 team members across Ohio and West Virginia as part of the 2020 20-Year Club Program. This year’s honorees tally 4,461 total years of service among them!

Program honorees receive a certificate and gift each year. In addition, a monetary bonus is given at Year 20 and every five years thereafter.  

Especially in a time with so much uncertainty and change, we are more grateful than ever for our Stonerise family and their dedication. In healthcare, no role is more important than another. We truly believe every team member is just as important as the next. We want each person to succeed in a way that fulfills him or her personally, and to stay with us as their career and life progresses.

Since we couldn’t get together in person this year due to social distancing and safety considerations, we wanted to make sure this very special group of 156 team members received a public shout-out.

It is our absolute honor to congratulate you on 20-plus years of service. You are the heart of what we do, and we could not do it without you. You are an important part of the Stonerise family, and we want you to be proud of your 20-plus years of service.

Thank you for all you do to serve one another and our patients with love.

Alice S. — AL LPN Amanda G. — C.N.A. Amanda E. — C.N.A.
Anna F. — Laundry Annette B. — Medical Records Clerk Anthony C. — Maintenance Director
Barbara C. — Restorative C.N.A Barbara S. — Laundry Beate M. — C.N.A.
Becky B. — C.N.A. Belinda S. — LPN MDS Coordinator Beth J. — C.N.A.
Betty C. — C.N.A. Betty P. — Laundry Bobbie K. — Housekeeping
Bonnie M. — Central Supply Brenda R. — Dietary Aide Brenda B. — Laundry
Carrie M. — C.N.A. Charles H. — Housekeeping Cheryl J. — Housekeeping
Cheryl G. — RN MDS Coordinator Christine M. — Activity Director Cindy S. — C.N.A.
Cindy L. — Housekeeping Connie L. — Laundry Connie S. — AL LPN
Cynthia P. — LPN MDS Coordinator Danny S. — COTA Darlene N. — Housekeeping
Darlene J. — C.N.A. Deborah B. — Dietary Aide Deborah J. — DON
Deborah W. — Housekeeping Deborah T. — Restorative C.N.A Deborah T. — Medical Records Clerk
Deborah T. — C.N.A. Debra S. — Housekeeping Della K. — Housekeeping
Dellie W. — C.N.A. Diana P. — Housekeeping Diane H. — C.N.A.
Donna S. — Medical Records Clerk Donna O. — Cook Dorothy J. — Laundry
Edith B. — C.N.A. Elizabeth D. — C.N.A. Elizabeth Z. — Van Driver/Pt Appt Coor
Eva M. — C.N.A. Evelyn M. — Housekeeping Evelyn K. — LPN
Evelyn W. — C.N.A. Florence B. — Laundry Frances O. — Laundry
Glenna C. — Activity Aide Harry M. — Maintenance Director Jacqueline S. — Central Supply
James D. — C.N.A. Janet W. — C.N.A. Jeanette J. — C.N.A.
Jessica H. — Chief Financial Officer Johnna S. — LPN Joseph E. — Dietary Aide
Joy W. — Restorative LPN Judith R. — LPN MDS Coordinator Judy C. — C.N.A.
Judy S. — Laundry Karen S. — Restorative C.N.A. Karen F. — C.N.A.
Karen C. — C.N.A. Karen H. — Activity Aide Karen R. — Dietary Aide
Karen C. — Medical Records Clerk Katrina W. — Housekeeping Kerry R. — Admissions Director
Kimberlea G. — C.N.A. Kimberley W. — Laundry Kimberly C. — Restorative C.N.A
Kimberly B. — Laundry Laura D. — C.N.A. Leeanne C. — Laundry
Lester H. — Dietary Aide Leticia S. — Housekeeping Linnie M. — Housekeeping
Ludie P. — LPN Mamie C. — Housekeeping Marcia S. — C.N.A.
Margaret C. — C.N.A. Marian F. — Accounts Payable Marjorie B. — Medical Records Clerk
Marvin H. — Maintenance Director Mary Anne T. — RN MDS Coordinator Melinda H. — Activity Aide
Melissa A. — C.N.A. Melissa C. — C.N.A. Melissa D. — C.N.A.
Melody L. — Van Driver/Pt Appt Coor Michele P. — C.N.A. Michelle D. — C.N.A.
Nancy M. — CEO/Administrator Nancy K. — Housekeeping Supervisor Pamela B. — Medical Records Director
Pamela W. — Laundry Pamela A. — C.N.A. Patricia C. — Restorative C.N.A
Paulette H. — C.N.A. Pennie S. — Activity Aide Penny R. — Laundry
Penny T. — Laundry Phyllis B. — C.N.A. Polly W. — Memory Care Coordinator
Rebecca C. — Housekeeping Regina C. — C.N.A. Renee R. — Housekeeping
Rhonda M. — Housekeeping Roberta C. — Cook Rodney C. — C.N.A.
Ronald M. — Housekeeping Rosemary B. — Laundry Ruby R. — Housekeeping
Sandra F. — Maintenance Director Sandra S. — LPN Sara F. — Activity Aide
Shawna L. — C.N.A. Sheila B. — Billing Specialist Shelly D. — Receptionist
Shelly M. — LPN Sherri W. — Restorative LPN Sherrie B. — Administrative Assistant
Sherrie J. — C.N.A. Sherry P. — LPN Sherry L. — Payroll
Shirley S. — Dietary Aide Stacey R. — C.N.A. Susan G. — C.N.A.
Tamela M. — PTA Tammy P. — C.N.A. Tammy B. — Medical Records Director
Tammy C. — RN MDS Coordinator Tammy C. — Housekeeping Supervisor Tamra R. — Laundry
Tanya V. — Restorative C.N.A Terry D. — Cook Thelma S. — Restorative C.N.A.
Tim T. — Property Manager Tina M. — LPN Tracey P. — C.N.A.
Tracy F. — C.N.A. Tresa H. — Restorative C.N.A. Vickie E. — C.N.A.
Vickie L. — Dining Service Assistant Vickie K. — C.N.A. Virginia M. — Activity Director
Virginia C. — Nursing Scheduler Wanda D. — Medical Records Clerk Wilma S. — Dietary Aide