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Family Values Lead Daughter to Follow in Mom’s Footsteps

By Stonerise

Paula Hines, Director of Rehabilitation at Stonerise Lindside

Growing up within sight of the care center where your mom goes to work every day might influence a young girl to pursue the same path. But for Adyson Hines, being raised with service and care as a daily value was what helped lead her toward following in her mom’s footsteps as a caregiver in southern West Virginia. And now a partnership at Adyson’s high school – James Monroe, has helped Adyson pick up skills and experience in her junior year of high school to settle into her own groove along the healthcare path.

Paula Hines, Director of Rehabilitation at Stonerise Lindside, has been with the company since Adyson was 5 and her son was just 3. She had been working at a nearby hospital and doing some traveling work, but she wanted to be closer to home after she got married. She lives just a few minutes away and has regularly integrated her family at home with her Stonerise family — something that stuck with Adyson over the years.

Paula Hines

“She would go in with me in the summers one day a week and she was listed as a volunteer with the activities department from the time she was in fifth or sixth grade,” Paula said. “She’d be out there reading books to patients and painting fingernails, and I think she’s just grown up with it as a part of her life.”

Adyson says she’s always been interested in healthcare and drawn to the elderly.

“The stories and the closeness you get — it’s a piece of the past you don’t always get to listen to,” she said.

And this past fall, Adyson got to go to work with her mom in a slightly different way through the CNA class at James Monroe and the Monroe County Technical Center.  Adyson performed clinical rotations at Stonerise Lindside and has already passed her CNA exam.

“I knew kinda what she did, but actually getting to do what she does was really cool,” Adyson said, but her favorite part was getting to know the patients.

For Paula, seeing her daughter interact with patients was a moving experience.

“She made an impression on everyone at Stonerise, and I had CNAs come up to me to tell me what a great job she did,” Paula said. “I’m just so proud of her, and I could see how much her heart was for it.”

Paula has also gotten to see the broader effects of the partnership with the high school over the years.

“The patients see us every day, we are like their family, and when the students come in, they just bring a different perspective,” Paula said. “We end up getting some great employees from the students.

“If you’re a teenager, you don’t always think you want to work in long-term care, but what happens is they come into our facility, they make the relationships, they see there’s a lot of life in our buildings, and they end up becoming great employees.”

Students have opportunities to become certified CNAs, phlebotomists and read EKGs. Adyson plans to continue taking classes next year for the other certifications to give her a head start on whatever path she chooses after high school.

“When I got to high school, I never really thought about anything else besides being in the medical field,” she said. “It’s always been my passion to help others. I’m so thankful the Monroe County Tech Center offers so much.”

Paula Hines

Adyson balances a busy schedule, something else she’s had a good example to study.

“When I’m at work, I try to give my all at work, and when I’m not at work, I try to give my all to my family,” Paula said, noting that both her children have big fans at Stonerise Lindside.

“The patients love hearing what they’re doing and cheering them on from afar, so it blends the two together,” she said. “Before COVID, the patients knew my kids really well; at times they would come in after school or whenever, and it’s tough for any working mom, but you do what you’ve got to do, and I’ve just always done the best I could with both things.”

Adyson is on the school track and field team, along with soccer and basketball, and she plays on a travel basketball team as well as staying active in 4-H, showing swine at the West Virginia State Fair.

“Eventually she wants to be a nurse anesthetist,” Paula said of her daughter. “So she may never get the chance to work with me, but if she does, I’m sure she’ll be a great addition to our Stonerise family.”