“Through love serve one another.” Galatians 5:13

Stonerise Care Blog

Stonerise Achieves Healthy Patient Outcomes Across Service Lines

By Cindy Wandling, MSN, RN, VP Clinical Quality

Our team members across the Stonerise Network have been remarkably resilient, loving and dedicated during the pandemic’s toughest days and continue to do so today. The last few months we have seen life outside of work get closer to the way it felt in 2019. Meanwhile, healthcare professionals continue to stretch like never before.

Specifically, post-acute care healthcare professionals (like our team at Stonerise) are stretching themselves every day to adapt to

• caring for the needs of patients who come to us sicker, with more complex needs
• training needs of changing regulations
• operating in a national healthcare worker shortage that was a reality before the pandemic, and more magnified today
• increasing focus on patient data documentation and automation needs, and
• other emerging demands.

I recently saw the summary below of our patient health outcomes across Stonerise from the past year and was so proud of the results. The Stonerise Network includes transitional and skilled nursing centers, home health, therapy and hospice. We also partner closely with West Virginia Senior Advantage (WVSA), which offers additional healthcare support to WVSA members including a dedicated Nurse Practitioner to our long-term stay patients.

To achieve such positive health outcomes data across Stonerise – especially now– is such a true measure of our team’s resiliency, determination, and love. Not only did we survive the pandemic and all its repercussions, we are coming out of it “swinging” 😊.

We have thousands of wonderful people working for us, trying to do the right thing for their patients and their loved ones. I am proud to be part of this Stonerise team and proud of these numbers that demonstrate all their hard work. I have been a CNA, an LPN and an RN. I can tell you from personal experience that these results are not easy to achieve. Thank you, team!