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Stonerise Home Health Launches 6 Specialty Clinical Services

By Julie DeTemple, MD, FAAFP, Stonerise Home Health Medical Director

In the last four months, Stonerise Home Health has launched six disease-specific specialty clinical services to complement its already customizable clinical programming. Each was specially designed to address the most common disease states seen in our southeast Ohio and West Virginia patients: Cardiovascular Disease, Pulmonary Disease, Diabetes, Falls, Heart Failure and Wounds.

One of the most important aspects of patients getting back to health and back to life is patient education and lifestyle modification. When patients are discharged from the hospital or a skilled nursing facility or are otherwise in need of skilled home health services, disease state education and monitoring are vital. For this reason, each specialty clinical track is designed to help patients more easily manage their condition(s) at home. Stonerise Home Health disease-specific tools and support include:

  • Patient-centered plan of care customized to patient condition and supported by evidence-based tools and care protocols.
  • Self-care workbooks designed to help patients set and achieve goals and monitor their progress in attaining these goals. A section is designed for patients to share with their doctor, which gives the physician increased input into goal setting and allows for more in-depth monitoring of the homebound patient.
  • Zone Tools which help them learn to take charge of their symptoms. Patients are taught to monitor themselves daily and act quickly through both appropriate self and care team interventions
stonerise home health workbook

More about each of the six new disease-specific specialty clinical services:

Cardiovascular Diseases
The Cardiovascular Diseases Specialty Clinical Services help patients and their caregivers learn about a wide variety of cardiovascular diseases such as heart disease, stroke, heart failure, heart rhythm disorders, and peripheral vascular disease. Patients are taught the “why” behind each of their medications, and the role that each medication plays in their treatment. Stonerise Home Health nursing and therapy teams assist patients in achieving goals such as improving diet, monitoring vital signs, developing an exercise plan, and quitting tobacco use, all of which can help prevent future cardiovascular events.

Chronic Pulmonary Disease
Stonerise Home Health’s Pulmonary Specialty Clinical Services are designed to benefit patients suffering from pulmonary diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and occupational lung diseases like coal workers’ pneumoconiosis and asbestosis. Patients in this service track learn about proper medication and oxygen use, tobacco cessation, and self-monitoring of their symptoms so they can act quickly and intervene early. Recognizing the need for and self-implementing rescue techniques can help patients avoid exacerbations which can lead to hospitalizations.

Diabetes is one of the most common disease states seen in our region of the country. Since diabetes affects nearly every system of the body, patient and caregiver education is vital. Through the Diabetes Specialty Clinical Services, patients learn how to properly monitor blood sugars, and the importance of controlling not only sugar, but also blood pressure and cholesterol. Patients are taught the importance of a proper diet, exercise, and foot care, and emphasis is placed on self-monitoring which can help physicians make adjustments to diabetic treatment.

As patients age, the risk of falling increases dramatically. Conditions such as low blood pressure, diabetes, difficulty with ambulation and side effects of medications can all increase fall risk. The Stonerise Home Health Fall Prevention Specialty Clinical Services help patients, caregivers, and experienced physical and occupational therapists work together to manage these risks. Avoiding falls helps patients escape the unwanted and often devastating consequences of unintentional falls.

Heart Failure
Heart failure is a very common condition in elderly individuals in our region. Patients with heart failure frequently experience symptoms such as fatigue, swelling, cough, and shortness of breath. The education provided through the Stonerise Home Health Heart Failure Specialty Clinical Services provide both patients and caregivers with the tools they need to help manage symptoms. Patients learn the “how” and “why” behind the various medication combinations used in heart failure, as well as appropriate self-monitoring of symptoms and vital signs. Defined patient goals and patient logs help patients take charge of their care.

Both acute and chronic wounds provide a challenge to the homebound patient. Learning to properly care for wounds, including complex dressing changes and self-monitoring of wounds requires appropriate education by an experienced home health clinician. The Wounds Specialty Clinical Services also focuses on lifestyle modification and further wound prevention.

Though each of the six Stonerise Home Health disease-specific services can stand alone, they are also designed to be used together for those patients with multiple needs. In addition, we support a broader range of health conditions than these alone. Patients enrolled in more than one clinical service track will notice consistency across the educational tools, so goal-setting and monitoring techniques learned in one can easily be applied to another. As patients and their loved ones become empowered with regard to their diagnoses, we can work more effectively together toward better patient outcomes and improved patient quality of life.

Being diagnosed with a new condition or experiencing a setback with an existing diagnosis is never easy. The approach of Stonerise Home Health is to not only deliver compassionate care, but also to empower patients and caregivers to better understand, monitor, and manage their own conditions. Through these self-care services, we can work as a team to optimize patient care, minimize hospitalizations, and improve overall outcomes.

To find out more information or refer a patient to one of the eight Stonerise Home Health agencies serving southeast Ohio and West Virginia, please call (304) 348-2680 or email intake@stonerise.com.