“Through love serve one another.” Galatians 5:13

Our Approach

Our approach is clinician-led and performed with love.

Stonerise is built on a foundation of faith and love.

From that foundation, we’ve built a network of care focused on providing the best transitions in each patient’s health journey. From the beginning, our goal has been to play a greater, more responsible, loving role in a patient’s care journey to ultimately help achieve the best possible health outcome.

To do this, we’ve designed clinician-led care that helps patients live their best life possible. This is why our care team includes physicians, therapists, social workers, nurse practitioners, RNs, certified nursing assistants and many others. The services they provide make up The Stonerise Network.

Whomever you meet in our network—whether they are direct caregivers or not—you’ll discover that each one is focused on patient-centered care. That’s because we are all caregivers, no matter our role. We all value patient and family satisfaction.

We see ourselves, our patients, their families and our team members as one very large family. And families care for one another, listen and pray for one another, and strive to keep one another safe.

Physician talking to colleague in Stonerise Charleston skilled nursing and transitional care facility

We see ourselves, our patients, their families and our team members as one very large family.

Elderly woman holding bar for therapy and rehabilitation in skilled nursing and transitional care facility

To help patients through their health journeys, we provide an individualized care plan for each patient designed to get them back to health and back to life, whether that means improving life at home, receiving rehabilitation therapy at one of our centers or avoiding a recurring hospital stay.


Healthcare is a calling.


Along with the vital importance of clinical care, we have a desire inside each one of us to help and care for others.

It’s this calling that keeps us striving to be better than what’s expected.

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