“Through love serve one another.” Galatians 5:13

What we believe it takes to care.

Every team member at Stonerise is a Caregiver. We have one focus: caring for patients and families. This is a calling, and it is not always easy. Here is our tribute to our Caregivers, which demonstrates their calling.

The Caregiver’s Cause.

It’s one thing to be a Caregiver, but to be a Caregiver in West Virginia is to be from a place where the shared responsibility to serve our neighbors still thrives deep in the hollows; it flows through the rivers and pulses in our hearts. Often through creative means, we care for one another and make the most out of this life not because it’s easy—but because it’s how we’re made.

At Stonerise, we are honoring our Appalachian legacy by pairing it with bold innovations in transitional healthcare. We are here to change the game—for the better. Our bold approach is twofold: First, we serve others through love. Second, we refuse to settle for the status quo. We aim to revolutionize transitional healthcare and want to share the impact of our mission, vision and values with the world.

No matter where our care centers or patients are located, Stonerise is a place where the Caregiver can find stability, community and like-minded camaraderie in the pursuit of serving others through love. Our Caregivers do short-term stay rehab and long-term care at our centers. They also do in-home care and hospice. They are cooks, therapists, nurses, administrators, housekeepers, CNAs, LPNs, home health aides … the list goes on.

At Stonerise, the Caregiver exists not only to serve others, but to make each day better than the last. To improve the healthcare experience for Stonerise patients and their families, to ensure their comfort and ease their worries.

Stonerise healthcare worker and patient playing with pinata in nursing home

It can be a thankless lot, this calling. Not everyone sees the dedication, humanity and positive intent. But on those late nights beneath the fluorescent lights, on the busy afternoons when there are baths to give, sheets to change, ears to lend, the Caregiver knows that there is no better way to fulfill her legacy—for herself, her family, her community—than to serve. Because caregiving is more than just a job—it’s a purpose.


We humbly thank the Caregiver.

Stonerise Mountain Edge