“Through love serve one another.” Galatians 5:13

What differentiates transitional care at Stonerise.

Often, one of the first things patients and families say when they walk into one of our transitional care centers is, “This just looks and feels different.”
Stonerise Lindside transitional and skilled nursing home facility foyer

Here are other ways we differentiate our care:

  • All care at our transitional care centers follows that of a patient’s personal physician, while being medically directed by our own physicians, who have clinical support from a range of healthcare specialists in treating patients and working with families.
  • Our health information systems interface with major hospital systems throughout our region.
  • The Stonerise Network provides warm transitions to ensure each patient receives the continuity of care they deserve to help them through their health journey. This even extends to helping patients after they return home through Stonerise Home Health.
  • Our patient navigation approach and team simplify admitting new patients.

Stonerise Kingwood transitional and skilled nursing home facility porch with flowers

  • We care for patients spiritually through our Chaplains Program, which is embedded in all of our 17 transitional and skilled nursing care center locations. Our chaplains are also available to all Stonerise Hospice and Home Health patients, as well as all Stonerise team members.
  • Each patient within our transitional and skilled nursing care centers receives an assigned team member called a Guardian Angel. Family members can ask their Guardian Angel a question in person or through a direct dial phone number.
  • Rooms in our transitional and skilled nursing care centers are primarily designed for one or two patients. We continue to invest in creating more private rooms.
  • We always look to provide care that goes beyond the expected. This is because we are driven by a higher calling to do what is best and what is right. We care for our patients like we would our own families.

“I have been here twice and the second time I made sure this was my first choice. The rehab staff is great and everyone treats me good.”

– Charles, a patient, talking about Stonerise Martinsburg (formerly Clary Grove)

Stonerise Charleston transitional and skilled nursing home facility modern common area

Stonerise Mountain Edge