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Post-Surgery Therapy Care Gets Charleston Man Back to Living

By Jennifer Allman, MA, CCC-SLP, Director of Rehab, Stonerise Therapy

Marcus had always lived with juvenile osteochondrosis. It’s also known as legg-calve-perthes, a condition that interrupts blood supply to the hip joint and, for Marcus, caused a deformity to the thigh bone on his left leg.

Earlier this year, the condition caused increased pain that restricted his everyday mobility to the point that he didn’t feel like he was living his normal life anymore. He couldn’t go to the gym and lift weights or enjoy spending time with family. Marcus, 60, who lives in the Charleston, West Virginia, area, was struggling to walk just a few feet across rooms in his home. In July, Marcus decided it was time for hip replacement surgery and scheduled it at a local hospital.

But the surgery was just the beginning of Marcus’s journey back to a life with less pain. He needed extra-intensive rehabilitation after his hospital stay before he could return home. After talking with a family member who was a former patient at Stonerise Charleston and loved the care she received during her hospital-to-home transition, Marcus knew he needed to choose Stonerise Charleston for his post-surgery transitional care.

Through focused occupational therapy and physical therapy with the Stonerise Charleston skilled nursing and therapy teams, Marcus worked hard for nearly two weeks on strength, mobility and managing his daily activities, like going up and down stairs.

“I was able to advance with my strength,” Marcus said. “My therapists were extremely nice – they always put safety first, and they weren’t too aggressive.”

Marcus is glad he chose Stonerise. The short-term stay helped Marcus keep the pain from his surgery under control and helped him return home again in just 13 days. Marcus, who loves music, movies and sports, said he’s eager to get back in the gym and spend more time with his family. His big goal is to get back to lifting weights very soon.

Our therapy team members are so proud to have helped Marcus get back to health and back to his life. For more information on Stonerise Therapy, which is embedded at all our 17 Transitional Care Centers across West Virginia, click HERE.

Jennifer, a two-time Marshall University graduate, has been with Stonerise since 2019. The faith-based mission of Stonerise deeply resonates with her, along with the ability to serve people during each step of their health journeys, which keeps her therapy skills sharp.