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Stonerise Co-Founder Spends 17 Days in Care Center

By Stonerise

When Steve White co-founded Stonerise in 2009 with long-time business partner and friend, Larry Pack, they shared a vision to provide quality, compassionate care and to help each patient restore their health and get the most out of their lives. Following an unexpected injury, Steve was able to see his vision first-hand.

Steve White_Stonerise Charleston Discharge

At age 70, Steve underwent a major surgery to repair a torn quadricep and fractured foot after a fall while traveling. Following the surgery, he was non-weight-bearing on his right leg and experienced intense pain. His physicians recommended he consider a short-stay care center, to gain mobility and strength in his leg.

For Steve, the choice of which care center to entrust with his care was a no-brainer. He discharged from the hospital to Stonerise Charleston where he spent 17 days working closely with a team of clinicians. His goal was to get stronger to be able to return home and return to daily life.

From the beginning of his stay at Stonerise Charleston, Steve recalls a wonderful experience. His team of therapists and nurses outlined an individualized care plan with the help of his physicians and discussed his goals. Everyone he interacted with — from CNAs to therapists and dietary teams had a patient-centered mindset.

“Some people may think that because I am the owner of Stonerise I would receive special treatment as a patient,” Steve said. “But I was able to see the care provided to other patients around me first-hand. I can say without a doubt that Stonerise Charleston is a wonderful place to receive care and the team members there are unmatched.”

Steve stayed in one of Stonerise Charleston’s 86 spacious private rooms that featured a private bathroom with a handicap accessible shower. He completed therapy every day at the on-site therapy gym which made his rehabilitation convenient and seamless. He worked closely with the Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy teams. He was also able to visit with family and loved ones in the outdoor courtyard.

Stonerise Therapy

Overall, Steve’s experience made him feel comfortable and at home. Through his hard work, he was able to discharge home and return to daily activities such as driving, going to work and navigating stairs.

“I want to publicly thank the Stonerise team members who provided my care,” Steve said. “I am forever grateful that they helped me regain my health and independence.”