“Through love serve one another.” Galatians 5:13

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Stonerise Martinsburg Makes a Bride’s Dream Come True

By Stonerise

Every Stonerise team member in every role is a caregiver. It’s not always easy to define, it often falls outside a traditional job description, but it always involves serving through love. And it is how Brooke and Megan, team members at Stonerise Martinsburg, found themselves stepping in as wedding planners this spring for a special family looking to safely include those who mean the most to them.

Janet and Daniel, like a lot of engaged couples in the past year, weren’t sure what to do about their nuptials. They had always wanted a small wedding but living through the Coronavirus pandemic made them question everything. And in February 2020, Daniel’s mother Debbie arrived at Stonerise Martinsburg after a few falls and difficulty staying in her home independently. As the world’s day-to-day lives transitioned to strictly virtual activities, the couple began to wonder if they should plan virtual vows, and whether to rush down the aisle or just slow down.

Janet and Daniel spent over a year communicating with Debbie at Stonerise through virtual visits. She told them she really hoped they would have an in-person wedding, so with a focus on keeping her healthy and safe, Janet and Daniel knew the best way to include Debbie while ensuring she had the support she needed was to tie the knot at Stonerise Martinsburg.

Janet described spring of 2021 as a “breath of fresh air after a long pandemic year,” and with vaccinations becoming available, the family saw some light at the end of a dark tunnel. Daniel and Janet were able to see Debbie in person and finalize their plans. “It was so good to see Debbie in person and to hug her,” Janet said.

Both the bride and the groom are only children, so making special plans to include family really meant a lot to them. Their big day provided an opportunity not only for family members to see Debbie in person, but for other loved ones to gather after a year of strictly video chats. The parents of the bride and the groom met in person for the first time at the wedding, and everyone had tears in their eyes when Daniel’s dad gave a toast marking just over 50 years of marriage to Debbie.

About 20 guests attended, and the couple was able to include a traditional Chinese tea ceremony, customary to show gratitude and respect to the parents of the bride and groom.

“Being wedding venue planners and coordinators is clearly not a part of Brooke or Megan’s job descriptions, but they totally went above expectations,” Janet said, noting that the Stonerise team even stepped in for setup and cleanup help.

Janet said if she had to describe her big day in one word, it would be “revitalizing.”

“After many attempts to have a wedding in a tough year, finally pulling something off gave us a feeling of having so much to look forward to,” she said. Which is really what getting back to health and back to life is all about.