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Stonerise Parkersburg Announces First On-Site Dialysis Program In West Virginia

By Stonerise

New Treatment Option to Open in early April to Patients at Stonerise Parkersburg

PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (March 10, 2022)  – Stonerise, one of West Virginia’s leading providers of transitional and skilled nursing care is pleased to announce a new partnership with Fresenius Kidney Care, a leading provider of kidney care support and dialysis services to provide on-site dialysis care to patients at Stonerise Parkersburg. The Dialysis Suite at Stonerise Parkersburg is expected to open in early April 2022, marking the first ever on-site dialysis offering at a skilled nursing facility (SNF) in West Virginia.

The first-of-its-kind service allows short and long-term patients of Stonerise Parkersburg living with kidney failure to receive more frequent dialysis treatments on-site at the nursing center’s dedicated treatment area. On-site dialysis treatments allow patients to have more control over their schedules, reduce unnecessary hospitalizations and emergency room visits, and improve patient care coordination between the nursing center team members and dialysis care team. Patients can receive all necessary treatments on-site at the nursing center, rather than being transported to another healthcare setting multiple days a week for dialysis treatments, reducing travel time and costs.

“The opportunity for patients to receive dialysis treatments on-site at Stonerise Parkersburg on the same days as their therapy can be a life-changing experience,” said Larry Pack, Stonerise Chief Executive Officer. “It is less stressful and more efficient, leading to shorter recovery times and more freedom to participate in quality-of-life events. It also decreases their community exposure to illness.”

Acting as Stonerise’s hemodialysis care partner, Fresenius Kidney Care will provide the staffing, equipment, supplies, and support for patients to receive staff-assisted home dialysis treatments. Staffing support will include a registered nurse and dialysis technicians to help deliver on-site treatments using NxStage equipment home hemodialysis equipment. The on-site care team from Fresenius Kidney Care will work with team members at Stonerise Parkersburg to help patients coordinate with various health care professionals, including a social worker, dietitian, nephrologist, and medical director to manage a patient’s care. Upon discharge from Stonerise Parkersburg, patients may return to their previous off-site dialysis center or continue home dialysis, in accordance with their treatment preferences and physicians’ guidance.

“Many patients of skilled nursing facilities have different care requirements than other dialysis patients. We are excited for the opportunity to bring state-of-the-art equipment and the highest quality care directly to dialysis patients where they live, in the nursing facility,” said Robert Hayden, Regional Vice President for Fresenius Kidney Care. “We believe patients at Stonerise Parkersburg will have a better quality of life with this new treatment option, which is part of our commitment to providing comprehensive care to people living with kidney disease so that they can lead fuller lives.”

To learn more about this new treatment option coming in April, visit stonerise.com/parkersburg. To learn more about how Fresenius Kidney Care can support dialysis within a Skilled Nursing Facility, visit https://fmcna.com/snf/.


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