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Take Care of Your Heart Health at Home

By: Lynn Bayne, R.N., VP Clinical Operations Home Health & Hospice

Did you know, in 1964, President Lyndon B. Johnson declared February American Heart Month?

Fifty-seven years later, we continue to spotlight heart disease as the leading cause of American deaths.  This past year’s pandemic has landed a direct impact on our heart health through the effects of COVID-19 on the heart and vascular system.  Indirectly, fear of contracting the virus has resulted in us delaying or avoiding seeking care for cardiac symptoms.  Additionally, many of us have adopted unhealthy lifestyle habits while on “lockdown” such as decreased activity, increased weight, increased alcohol or tobacco use, and lack of regular check-ups and preventive care.   

Heart disease issues can feel overwhelming. With the right support, however, it does not have to be that way. Should you be one of those millions of Americans who experience a cardiac event, Stonerise Home Health is here to get you back to health and back to life!

In partnership with your physician, and in the comfort of your home, Stonerise Home Health nurses will help you learn to manage your cardiac disease process.  While assessing your condition and the effectiveness of the prescribed treatment, our team will teach you what steps to take to prevent recurrence of a cardiac event as well as what to do if symptoms do occur. 

In partnership with you, Stonerise Home Health clinicians will help you identify and attain your personal heart healthy lifestyle goals which may include healthy eating, decreased alcohol intake, tobacco avoidance, increased and safe activity, and monitoring your “vital signs.”

In partnership with our care team, our nurses will ensure your care is timely and includes services needed to get you back to health and back to life quickly!  Our therapists will help you learn to safely modify activities to prevent symptoms while increasing your strength and endurance. We may also check in with you by telephone between scheduled visits to make sure you are doing well when no one is visiting you.  And, our entire 4-star clinical team is available to you by phone or even a visit after hours if needed.

Consider talking to your physician today about the benefits of home health for you. Home health is one of the least expensive forms of healthcare, and widely covered by most insurers. Whether you are recently back home after a hospital stay, or have been living with heart disease at home – the right home health partner can help keep you out of the hospital and get you back to doing the things you love.

Stonerise Home Health serves 58 counties across West Virginia and southeast Ohio. Our patients rate us higher than state and national averages in “Care of patients” and “Communications” quality measures. To learn more, call (304) 348-2680 or email intake@stonerise.com today.