“Through love serve one another.” Galatians 5:13

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Walking in a Social Worker’s Shoes: Angela’s Story

By Stonerise

Angela Urse has worked in Social Work for more than 17 years. She is a Licensed Medical Social Worker, a mom, a professional photographer, and an outstanding team member at Stonerise Bridgeport. She is affectionately known for wearing high-heeled shoes to work every day. Above all else, she is a patient advocate. Her job as a Social Worker requires her to wear many hats and at the end of the day, she works hard solely for the benefit of the patients she feels fortunate to serve.

By definition, Social Workers support patients by identifying their needs and addressing their concerns while coordinating access to services to meet those needs and alleviating concerns. At Stonerise, the role of a Social Worker is invaluable. They work as part of the “interdisciplinary team” to develop, implement, and evaluate a plan of care for each patient while identifying opportunities to improve care and services. They are responsible for communicating requests, concerns, and recommendations and ensuring an environment that promotes respect, dignity, safety and a high level of satisfaction.

Angela views her patients as part of her family. She makes a point to visit each patient every day and even insists on helping the dietary teams serve breakfast and lunch. She says she wants to actually see patients each day so she is able to help identify their needs, but also provide a listening ear or extra hug when needed. In addition, she is responsible for quarterly care conferences with family members and also communicates regularly with clinical teams to report on cognitive and mood assessments.

When COVID-19 hit, the job of the Social Worker was amplified. Patients had to adjust to not having daily visitors and Stonerise team members became family to patients even more so. A talented photographer, Angela recalls asking her supervisor if she could bring her camera to work to capture photos of patients to share with families. She wanted families to be able to see that even amid a global pandemic, patients were persevering and being well taken care of. Hundreds of Angela’s photos have been shared and her photos published across Stonerise collaterals. They are candid, real, emotional, and beautifully composed.

Angela says the most rewarding part of her job is when she’s able to make a connection with patients and start to see them adjust to their new environment. She is empathetic that new patients sometimes have a hard time adjusting in a new physical space surrounded by unfamiliar faces. She works hard to make connections and help patients acclimate as quickly as possible. “I know I have made a connection when patients start to ask to see ‘that blonde lady in the high heels,” Angela jokes.
Dedicated Social Workers at each care center are one of the many benefits for patients at Stonerise. They, too, are the loving, dedicated healthcare heroes that make it all happen each day.

Angela Urse is a licensed Medical Social Worker at Stonerise Bridgeport since 2019. She is mom to Jonathan, Frank and RoseEllen.