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We Look Ahead: Care Delivery Looks Different Than Ever Before

By Stonerise

With new and improved COVID-19 treatments and vaccines, we look ahead to times when COVID-19 will not dominate the work we do on a daily basis. We see a landscape shaped not only by the lessons we learned and the actions we took during the pandemic, but also by shifts already underway in consumer health demands and post-acute care demands. Stonerise is ready for whatever tomorrow may bring. We look ahead with hope.

This is the final entry of a 3-part series on our vision for the future.

The pandemic forced us to use our physical spaces in new ways. Just as healthcare providers and professionals throughout the industry were stretched to perform in different ways, so were our care centers.

Most healthcare facilities nationwide (aside from hospitals) were not designed for quarantining patients at the scale and scope demanded by the pandemic, especially when considering that “semiprivate” rooms have been common across the industry for generations.

We were able to flex for the short-term with the temporary deployment of our Safe Harbor Units, maximizing our outdoor spaces and even turning the spaces outside of our ground-floor windows into visitation spaces with loved ones on the other side of the glass. However, there is a looming question – with an exorbitant price tag – about how to build the next generation of transitional post-acute and skilled longer-term care centers.

The answer to this question needs our industry’s collaboration, and we must use lessons learned from the pandemic to ensure our response is on-target.

The newest Stonerise center, which broke ground in Summersville, W.Va. in June 2021, will feature all private rooms, multiple small gathering spaces, more natural light and investment in outdoor spaces. Stonerise Summersville will be the first “COVID-19 influenced” center built in West Virginia and possibly the country. Enormous design time and investment has created a template for future center development that will be adaptable and uniquely built to protect against future infectious disease outbreaks. Stonerise Summersville will also promote patient and team member care quality and emotional health.

We also see a continued focus on home health care and must accept the challenge to care for our patients where is best for them. For some, that will mean in the home. But how do we know who will need this care? How do we know when? Our healthcare system has work to do in establishing a cohesive care path that delivers high-quality outcomes regardless of care location. Our broadband infrastructure must be improved to support long-term, sustainable home health and telehealth capabilities.

Technology has given us more options than ever for sharing information. Now, we need to catch up with effective and inclusive strategies that allow us to share the right information at the right time in ways that allow us to measure outcomes. True transitional continuity of care is impossible without true patient information interoperability. And so, our commitment to technology investment and pursuit of a true Stonerise patient electronic medical record continues.

We look forward to building on the strides we made and continuing on our path toward true transitional care across our centers and inside of patient’s homes.

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