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When is Home Health Care the right option?

By Amy Daniel CEO of Home Health Care & Hospice for Stonerise Healthcare

Healthcare decisions often are stressful, full of emotion and anxiety, and the many options available also can make it overwhelming. Considering home health and choosing a home health agency are important decisions, just like choosing any healthcare provider. This decision should ultimately provide comfort, safety and, most importantly, all necessary care.


Home health care visits allow nurses and other health care professionals to better evaluate a patient’s specific needs and challenges. Coordinating with and keeping doctors informed about the patient’s overall healthcare status and updates is one of many valuable benefits of home health. Home Health also helps teach a patient how to independently manage a chronic disease in the place where he or she will be doing it the most – at home. Being in the privacy and comfort of your own home often makes any chronic disease a lot more manageable.


Home Health should be considered when you or a loved one:

  • has a new diagnosis or are having difficulty controlling symptoms of a current condition, resulting in more frequent trips to the doctor or hospital.
  • are moving around the house less, changing daily habits such as bathing and dressing or performing even the smallest household tasks, or
  • becoming unsteady or actually falling down.


One of the scariest parts of managing a chronic disease is the thought of having to spend time in the hospital. It’s not your own bed, and you don’t have any of your personal belongings to help ease the discomfort of being sick. A home health care agency combines a high level of care with the comfort of being in your own home – often giving patients the confidence they need to get better.


Learn more: Home health care is a critical part of care for many individuals – spanning many ages and conditions. Think home health might be right for you, your loved one or your patient? Call Stonerise at 304-348-2680 to find out more. To learn more about the home health care we provide, click here.


About the author: Amy Daniel, RN, is CEO of Home Health Care & Hospice for Stonerise Healthcare. Connect with Amy here.