“Through love serve one another.” Galatians 5:13

Our History

Our history and journey to today.

Stonerise was founded in 2009 with the idea of doing things differently. We wanted to play a more complete, responsible and loving role in a person’s health journey. With healthcare becoming more fragmented and patients sometimes left to manage ongoing conditions and care transitions themselves, we saw an opportunity to apply our expertise, care and love.

The name “Stonerise” gets its origin from the account of the resurrection as recorded in the four Gospels. It was important to the founders that the company name reflected their faith and their desire to hold themselves accountable to a higher purpose. We want to take care of people in a different way that goes beyond revenue. Just as the stone sealing the tomb seemed impossible to move, there are stones in our lives and in our work that seem impossible to move. However, with faith and trust in the Lord (and one another), we know anything is possible. So, as the stone was rolled away, He Is Risen—that’s how we chose the name Stonerise.

Watch Stonerise CEO Larry Pack share the Stonerise story.

Stonerise Rising Sun Graphic
Team-building retreat in West Virginia

The thought we always held was: “What can we do to help patients make care transitions easier—and stay with them to guide the transition process?” We knew the key was going home with them.

Originally, we provided services exclusively at skilled nursing centers (known to many as “nursing homes”). We quickly realized that to truly do things differently we had to expand beyond the walls of our centers. And we had to provide a higher level of support through warmer transitions across the continuum of care.

This type of complete care throughout a health journey required a new idea. It required a new model of transitional care—one that would see a patient through every step of their health journey, wherever that leads.

“Through love serve one another.”

– Galatians 5:13

Stonerise Mountain Edge

Today, Stonerise is made up of 17 transitional and skilled nursing care centers, therapy care, home health services, and hospice care through The Stonerise Network that spans 58 counties.

We’re fulfilling our mission of getting patients back to health and back to life by being able to provide the care they need anywhere in our service area. We are working to fulfill our vision of what a new model of transitional care should be. We are locally owned in West Virginia and supported by local team members. We remain Appalachians caring for our neighbors.

Our leaders keep the purpose of Stonerise in mind every day. We continue to grow. Our goal is not to be the largest, but to provide the quality care and treatment that patients deserve.