“Through love serve one another.” Galatians 5:13

The safety of our patients, visitors and team members comes before anything else.

There is nothing we take more seriously than the health of our patients, visitors and team members. Our Safety Promise is an important part of our clinician-led transitional care, which focuses on prevention, detection and treatment, and support.

The Stonerise Proactive 3-Step Coronavirus Strategy

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We implement aggressive prevention efforts against infection, disease, injury and other threats to keep our patients and team members safe and healthy.

  • Secured bulk supplies to protect
    team members and patients
  • Provided team members with additional
    training on disease prevention procedures,
    including PPE infection control audits
  • Limited visitor & team member traffic in
    the best interest of patients
  • Enhanced protocols are in place for new
    admissions and readmissions
  • Offered telehealth visits across service lines
  • Expanded focus on sanitization and
    disinfection procedures
  • Solicited 100% participation in receiving
    the flu vaccine and prioritized COVID-19
    vaccine clinics
  • Employ Infection Preventionists at each
    care center location
  • Prioritized communication with home
    health patients between in-person visits
    and make team members available
    after hours if needed.
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Detect & Treat

We act quickly to detect patient and team member needs and to safely treat them with a personalized, clinician-led care plan.

  • Implemented screening of all team members at the beginning of each shift, including temperature checks
  • Screened patients at least once daily for Coronavirus symptoms and proactively tested patients showing symptoms based on CDC criteria
  • Implemented center-wide testing among all patients and team members on a routine basis in accordance with federal and state guidance
  • Implemented Coronavirus rooms ready when necessary to effectively treat positive cases

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We provide our patients, their loved ones and our team members with tools and resources to support their well-being throughout their time with us, and even into the next steps of their care.

  • When necessary, pivoted in-person visits to televisit options to keep patients connected to their loved ones
  • Created the Guardian Angel program to keep families and loved ones informed and aware of patient’s status
  • Supported team members through appreciation increase, daily devotionals and childcare assistance, if needed
  • Set up and promoted frontline team member fundraisers
  • Launched online dashboard to keep families and the community updated on testing results and visitation status

Living Our Safety Promise

Our Safety Promise is our living commitment that constantly evolves to best meet the needs of our patients and their families, and our team members.

Safety Promise

“We have built on our commitment to serve others with a promise to our patients and team members that safety is and always will be our top priority.”

– Dr. James Malone, Chief Medical Director

Safety Promise Proof Points

Proof points across all of our service lines.

Protective Equipment, Supplies and Sanitization
Our care teams continue to use masks, eye protection, gloves and other personal protective equipment (PPE) to keep our patients and each other healthy and safe while continuing to follow local, state and federal guidelines for cleanliness and sanitization. We consistently hold ourselves to a higher standard and exceed CDC guidelines as they relate to PPE usage.

Seasonal Illness Screenings
Infection monitoring and control may be a new issue for many Americans, but it’s nothing new to the clinician-led care teams at Stonerise. We are committed to flu season screenings, education and prevention protocols, in addition to those for other seasonal illnesses. We also prioritize flu and COVID-19 vaccines for all team members and center patients on a consistent basis. Our incidence of flu in 2020 was down more than 95% year over year.

Patient Vitality Programs
For the mental health and overall well-being of our patients, we offer safe activities, including dedicated chaplains and in-house beauticians. Many of our centers offer scenic outdoor spaces so patients can enjoy time outside.

Proof points specific to our transitional and skilled nursing care centers.

Admission Observation Rooms
Enhanced protocols are in place for newly admitted and readmitted patients who are not up-to-date on their COVID-19 vaccines to be observed to validate that there is a reduced potential to bring new infections into our Centers.

Guardian Angels and Televisits
While social and physical distancing remain necessary, we have acted to keep patients and their loved ones connected and informed. Each of our patients is provided with a Guardian Angel, a member of our team who maintains regular personal communication with both the patient and their family. We have also implemented visiting through video.

Visitor Policies
To ensure the safety and health of patients staying in our transitional care centers, we are following the guidance of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) in allowing skilled nursing centers to welcome in-person visitors.

Each of our care centers allow indoor visitation at all times for all patients. That means there is no longer a limit on the frequency or length of visits or the number of visitors and there is no longer a requirement to schedule visits in advance. (*Unless otherwise directed by the local health department due to potential risk of virus spread)

Infection Prevention
We employ Infection Preventionists at each of our 17 care center locations. These clinicians are responsible for the quality of patient care as it relates to the investigation, control, and prevention of infection.

Disinfection Policy
We expanded our stringent cleaning and disinfection procedures to prevent the spread of infection. Our layered approach requires diligence in both process and product selection to ensure the health and safety of those we serve.

Cook cleaning

Proof points specific to home health.

Communication Between Visits
Our home health clinicians prioritize communication with patients between in-person visits. Wellness calls are made to see how patients are doing. We know this is a challenging time for patients so we call to provide support and education, tips for navigating challenges, answer questions or provide clarifying information.

After-Hours Support
Team members are available after-hours and on the weekend if needed for patient calls.

Limit Exposure
We limit the number of clinicians who go out to our patients’ homes to reduce traffic around patients. All clinicians wear personal protective equipment (PPE).


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